Online Store Operation

Eagle works closely with the online store team to create a fantastic brand experience for the customer. From making attractive brand stores to marketing the product, we make sure the customer loves it.

Our goal is to create a business that relates to our buyers, creating lifetime customer loyalty for returning sales and sustained success. Our team develops a custom strategy for the business that boosts your Amazon store SEO and gives you a better chance to beat your competition and reach the top.

Some tips that we keep in mind:

1. We strictly adhere to the brand guidelines and work following when dealing with all your products.

2. We provide attractive images to show unique features, benefits & lifestyles that connect to the product.

Key Elements

Product Display


Amazon Brand Stores are new experiences dedicated to offering customers a new way to browse and shop their favourite brands. Today, each Brand Store includes quick links to a selection and a list of products.

You can click on the brand name on the detail page or search for the brand name from the Clothing Store. You’ll see a Brand Store icon at the top of the search results with a link to their Brand Store.

We work as a team with the brand to alert us to any Brand Store issues or suggestions on how to improve their page, we’re always open to constructive criticism.